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The Greater Târnava Valley Herbarium (Copşa Mare), with Illustrations 2023-2026


Led by local botanist Mihaela Sava, the school began in 2023 to record the flowering plants growing in the grasslands and margins of the forest above the village. Specimen plants, collected & prepared by Mihaela, are stored in our own herbarium. We estimate that there are over 300 species to record. 


Each herbarium sheet is paired with its own illustration, drawn from living specimens with botanical descriptions provided by Mihaela Sava. 

The project is funded from  income generated by school fees and the advance sale of an eBook that shall contain all the herbarium sheets and illustrations. We aim to complete the project by the end of the 2026. If you would like to support our project, either by becoming a founding subscriber to the eBook, and/or by joining our team of illustrators, please write to us.

In 2024, we shall start to digitize the herbarium sheets, and shall make these available online. 


The herbarium is listed in  

Index Herbariorum 

under the code TSBAI.


 Our Illustrators


Our illustrators spend a week or more working in pairs on illustrating plants in the Greater Târnava Valley Herbarium


Angie Girling & Sarah Howard


Laura Silburn & Angie Girling


Sarah Howard & Ivona Mariș


Dianne & Polly Sutherland

Jana Táborská & Patricia Gherase


Sally Pond & Jackie Isard


Elaine Searle & Sarah Morrish



Mariella Baldwin & Mihaela Sava collecting specimen plants for our herbarium in early spring 2023.

Photo by Christian Doyle.

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