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We do all the cooking. We eat together at home. 

Rachel uses seasonal ingredients to prepare dishes from various cuisines. During your stay, you may be offered both an Indian dish with our own buffalo milk paneer and an English raised crust meat pie made from village pork.

Our horses graze in grassland untouched by synthetic fertilisers and chemicals, so the manure on our kitchen gardens is the best. There is lots to forage as well. There are edible fungi everywhere. We have our own walnut orchard, old apple cultivars, plum, pêche de vigne, apricot, quince and mulberry.


Honey, dairy produce and meat are from the village. We serve buffalo milk and yoghurt, as well as buffalo meat. Everyone keeps pigs & poultry for eggs. There are cows, sheep and goats grazing freely outside the village, all for milk.   

We bake bread and cakes from flours and meal we grind ourselves. We grow old variety maize and use organic grains. We make fresh cheeses, vegetable dishes galore, some pulses and home-cured meats, lashings of fresh butter and cream as well as lots & lots of different jams, chutneys and sauces, all from our cellar, which holds as well a good selection of wine from Hungary, Romania & Moldova. 

Photo by Santisouk Phommachakr

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