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Our students spend a full week observing & drawing wild plants in the grassland above Copşa Mare. 


 Periods of intensive study in our studio filled with northern light are balanced with fieldwork in this farmed landscape, home to 300 species of flowering plants. 


We place great emphasis on the botany, with students expected to collect & identify their specimen plant before they start to draw it.


Our resident botanist Mihaela Sava is creating a grassland herbarium for the school. She leads an international hand of illustrators producing a field guide.

Our botanical library includes the Transylvania FlorilegiumThis splendid collection of paintings of local plants is a valuable part of the teaching. We hold as well the complete set of Stella Ross-Craig's Drawings of British Plants, an essential reference for botanical artists striving for accuracy.  


The school is an exceptional place to stay as well as to study. Food is grown & prepared by your hosts. We serve good regional wines. And you have a comfortable bed in your own room.  


A guest described her stay like this:

"A week-long house party for artistic guests with a thing about plants."​ 

 Here is Işık Güner writing about her class Transylvania Meadows 

John Akeroyd's local field guides 

Indicator plants | Indicator butterflies | Grasslands

 Paul White's observations on the

flora & fauna of Transylvania

Wild Transylvania


 László Rákosy's field guide

to all 202 species of the

Butterflies of Romania

IAPI's The Role & Value of Botanical Illustration Today 


For details please write to 

 James de Candole



 Photo by Sharon Schuster Thiollier 


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