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Guided by leading artists and  local botanists, students spend an immersive week observing, identifying, sketching & painting seasonal wild plants growing in the dry grasslands above Copşa Mare.


 Periods of intensive study at your desk are balanced with fieldwork in this farmed landscape, home to some 300 species of flowering plants. 


Resident botanist Mihaela Sava is creating a grasslands herbarium for the school, and leads a small team of illustrators in the production of an illustrated guide of the same.    


James & Rachel de Candole are founding subscribers to the 

Transylvania Florilegium. This collection of 124 paintings of local plants drawn by 37 botanical artists, each accompanied by the English botanist John Akeroyd's scholarly text, is a valuable part of the teaching of the school.


All meals are eaten together at home, with food grown & prepared by your hosts: Lots of fresh vegetables, buffalo milk, cream & butter, home cured meats, sheep and goat cheese, even our own home ground flours & corn meal!


 Here is Işık Güner writing about her class

 Transylvania Meadows 

Here are links in English to botanist John Akeroyd's useful local field guides: 

Indicator plants | Indicator butterflies | Grasslands

And here is a link to Paul White's observations on the

flora & fauna of Transylvania:

Wild Transylvania


For details and prices, please write to 

 James de Candole


​We limit places to a maximum of just 6 in each class.

To be sure of yours, please apply in good time! 



 Photo by Sharon Schuster Thiollier 


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