Summer school for budding botanical artists.

July 11-17, 2020


MasterClass 2020  


Anita Walsmit Sachs, postponed to 05/21 

 Jess Shepherd, postponed 

Christabel King, postponed 

Mary Dillon, postponed 

Elaine Searle, early 09/20 FULL

Işik Güner, mid 10/20 

Mariella Baldwin, early 11/20

The de Candole family, a founding subscriber to the Transylvania Florilegium, holds occasional master classes at home in Copşa Mare. Classes are limited to just 4 students & led by some of the world's leading botanical illustrators. You spend a week working on live material you find in the hills hereabouts. Periods of intensive study are balanced with plenty of fresh air, exercise & local food. Everyone stays with us and we all eat together. 


During your stay, you may study the Transylvania Florilegium, with over 100 illustrations of local plants drawn by 35 artists, each accompained by John Akeroyd's text giving scientific details. 

Here is a document which tells you more about the village & where you would stay. For more details and prices, please write 

to James de Candole 

And here is a blog by Helen Cousins, a medical doctor and botanical artist who joined a recent master class with us. 


Places are limited to just four students in each class. To be sure of yours, 

please book in good time!

Işik Güner at work on an Orchis morio found in the hills above Copşa Mare in late April 2019.


Photo by Wolfram Schneider. 

No reproduction without permission.