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Sarah Morrish

October 1-7 | pen&ink

Dianne Sutherland

October 16-22



Margaret Best

May 13-19

Lucy Smith

June 1-7

Sarah Simblet

July 17-23

Işık Güner

July 28-August 3

Elaine Searle

September 4-10

Julia Trickey

September 19-25

Jackie Isard

October 1-7

Mary Ellen Taylor

October 15-21

Anne-Marie Evans

November 10-16

"Copşa Mare in Transylvania is rapidly becoming one of those 'must-go' destinations for both teachers & students of botanical art." 

Katherine Tyrrell
Botanical Art & Artists

With just 6 places in a class, please be sure to book in good time! 


For availability & prices,

please write to 

 James de Candole

The background image is of Işık Güner

at work on an Orchis morio found in the hills above 

Copşa Mare in late April 2019. 


 Photo by Wolfram Schneider 

 No reproduction without permission 

  Transylvania school of botanic art & illustration in Romania 

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